Can Hiring a Maid Really Influence Your Health?

How Can Hiring a Maid Service Have Any Health Benefits?

Have you ever wondered what the connection between health and home cleaning services is? If so, then this article will help explain a thing or two about the risks of leaving your home without maintenance and regular cleaning.

First, we need to answer the question. Yes, there is a connection between hygiene and human health conditions. Here is how that works:

Experineced maid serviceWhen your maid service provider comes along and cleans your home, they don’t just vacuum the floor, tidy up and leave. They take out the garbage, dust the place, clean the kitchen and bathroom, and leave everything spotless. That means removing huge amounts of dust and dirt that are stored in various places around your home. This can be incredibly beneficial for your health because dirt and dust can accumulate and attract all sorts of pollutants which can cause skin rashes, allergies, respiratory problems, asthma attacks, and so on. That’s why people with asthma are recommended to stay away from dusty areas, upholstered furniture, and old carpets.

Another threat that lurks in carpets and that can influence your health are bed bugs. They are tiny insects that are very difficult to notice, and like all infestations, they come in great numbers. Also, they can multiply rapidly, so even if you get rid of some of them, they can restore their numbers quickly. The problem with bed bugs is that their droppings and dead body parts can be pretty toxic. They can cause skin irritation, rashes, allergies, and so on. On the other hand, if these particles mix with nearby dust and get in the air, they can cause various breathing complications. To avoid such problems, all you need to do is keep your carpets clean and not let your home stay too long without care and attention.

Also, a maid service can protect you from mold and mildew problems. Mold needs moisture, natural materials, and warmth in order to grow and develop, so if you have mildew problems, then you are very likely to develop mold problems too. That is usually the case with natural fiber carpets that get wet too frequently. Needless to say, mold spores can be very dangerous for the respiratory system.

As you see, frequent maintenance is a must. So, if you don’t have the time to clean, just give House Cleaning San Antonio of San Antonio TX a call at (210) 695-0939!

Why Choose Our Services?

What Are the Advantages of Calling a Maid Service Provider?

Maid services are not a new thing on the market. They have been available for many years, and most people know what it takes to hire a maid and what you can expect from her. As a maid service provider, however, we want to remind our customers about some of the advantages of letting a professional clean your home or office:

First and foremost, calling a maid service is pretty convenient. You can make an appointment for whenever you wish. You don’t even need to meet the maids. They can come even while you are away. This can be incredibly comfortable for a lot of homeowners. Imagine coming home after a long day to find everything clean, neatly arranged, and smelling fresh.


Furthermore, if your home is a mess after a big party, a renovation, or just due to lack of maintenance, then a maid is exactly what you need. They can get everything in order and clean every part of your home. That includes taking out the trash and removing any stains that your carpets and upholstered furniture pieces may have. After all, we are trained professionals who can handle even the most serious cleaning tasks.

Besides the comfort and the wide variety of services, calling a maid can be beneficial for you in another way. It helps save time and efforts. If you can’t afford to waste your time cleaning, you can rest assured that you can hire a professional to do it for you, and it won’t cost too much. Also, they will probably do it faster than most homeowners because they are skilled, experienced, and properly equipped.

Also, if you don’t know how to clean something or don’t have the necessary tools for the job, you can always call a maid service for help.

If you are located in San Antonio TX and need help cleaning after a huge party, or just don’t have the time to keep your home clean, don’t hesitate to give House Cleaning San Antonio a call! We offer quality cleaning at affordable rates. Reach us for an appointment at (210) 695-0939!

House Cleaning Tips – Part 2

Why Prompt Flood Restoration Measures are Crucial for the Health of Our Carpets

Professional-maid-serviceIf you are one of those people that love to do cleaning and enjoy such task, you can think for ways to explore your passion. Moreover, if you have found yourself physically able and have good organizational skills, it can be a smart idea to consider doing this professionally and begin earning a profit from your favorite interest. Here is how you can start a small maid service business in a few basic steps.

After you have carefully rethought over the pros and cons of doing cleaning professionally, choose your target market. Are you going to serve households where both spouses are busy with their work schedules, are old enough or have a disability that prevents them to do the cleaning on their own, or are not interested in the task. You may also offer your services to realtors that deal with real estates. Also, be sure to research the competition and check the saturation and demand on the local market. All these factors will be good starting points for the potential success of your small enterprise.

Evaluate your ability to work alone or necessity to hire employees. If you have not already done that, then acquire the necessary business management and operation knowledge and skills. Register you business. Ensure the required insurance and bonding as well as the necessary license for your particular locality. Do you need an office space, what will be your kind of transportation, the equipment and supplies that you will need are all questions that you will need to answer.

After you have considered your overall financial ability and made a business plan, you can now start your enterprise and become successful!

However, if you do not think that you are ready for undertaking such a serious step, House Cleaning San Antonio is a professional maid service provider in San Antonio TX that is ready to assist you!

House Cleaning Tips – Part 1

How to Choose the Right House Cleaning Company

house cleanerWe know that you love your home and do your best to keep it in perfect shape in order to feel convenient there and enjoy the time spent with your family. We can also understand your lack of time and inability to do the task by yourself. Hence, we recommend to use the services of a professional house cleaning company. Thankfully, there is a vast choice on the market for contractors willing to assist you in this task.

For the best results, it is important to look for a service that can guarantee you high quality at affordable rates. Here is how to find such in a few simple steps. The first thing to consider is the scale of your cleaning project. Are you going to hire the company for the cleaning of particular rooms and areas or for your entire home. This will influence your choice. Next, start looking for the actual service on the Internet or by asking family members and friends for recommendations.

Make a shortlist of several potential candidates, making sure that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Investigate if there are any past records of criminal or drug cases connected with their employees. Invite representatives to come in your home and provide you with an estimate that will allow you to compare the prices for the offered services. Better hire a company that will offer you a flat fee versus a per-hour charge and do not allow the cheapest rate be your leading factor.

Are you still looking for the right contractor? House Cleaning San Antonio is a professional house cleaning company in San Antonio TX that is ready to ensure you with 100% cleanliness!