Can Hiring a Maid Really Influence Your Health?

How Can Hiring a Maid Service Have Any Health Benefits?

Have you ever wondered what the connection between health and home cleaning services is? If so, then this article will help explain a thing or two about the risks of leaving your home without maintenance and regular cleaning.

First, we need to answer the question. Yes, there is a connection between hygiene and human health conditions. Here is how that works:

Experineced maid serviceWhen your maid service provider comes along and cleans your home, they don’t just vacuum the floor, tidy up and leave. They take out the garbage, dust the place, clean the kitchen and bathroom, and leave everything spotless. That means removing huge amounts of dust and dirt that are stored in various places around your home. This can be incredibly beneficial for your health because dirt and dust can accumulate and attract all sorts of pollutants which can cause skin rashes, allergies, respiratory problems, asthma attacks, and so on. That’s why people with asthma are recommended to stay away from dusty areas, upholstered furniture, and old carpets.

Another threat that lurks in carpets and that can influence your health are bed bugs. They are tiny insects that are very difficult to notice, and like all infestations, they come in great numbers. Also, they can multiply rapidly, so even if you get rid of some of them, they can restore their numbers quickly. The problem with bed bugs is that their droppings and dead body parts can be pretty toxic. They can cause skin irritation, rashes, allergies, and so on. On the other hand, if these particles mix with nearby dust and get in the air, they can cause various breathing complications. To avoid such problems, all you need to do is keep your carpets clean and not let your home stay too long without care and attention.

Also, a maid service can protect you from mold and mildew problems. Mold needs moisture, natural materials, and warmth in order to grow and develop, so if you have mildew problems, then you are very likely to develop mold problems too. That is usually the case with natural fiber carpets that get wet too frequently. Needless to say, mold spores can be very dangerous for the respiratory system.

As you see, frequent maintenance is a must. So, if you don’t have the time to clean, just give House Cleaning San Antonio of San Antonio TX a call at (210) 695-0939!