Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Article

If you detest cleaning day, you should consider hiring a professional house cleaning company such as House Cleaning San Antonio. We can supply you with high-quality services and have listed everything about our company within this questions and answers article, which depicts all of the services we can offer you and what return you can expect when you hire them.

Why hire your company?

Our reliable residential cleaning company has been providing the residents of San Antonio, TX with precision workmanship at affordable prices since 1999. Our experienced criminal history and background-checked cleaners have two decades of industry time-served experience and know what is needed of them when cleaning properties. We use high-quality tools, cleaning products and materials, and high-end equipment. We have a reputation for being hard-working, and our attention to detail is well-known; we also provide maid service, but more on this later.

Does the company accept debit or credit cards?

No, our residential cleaning service accepts takes either cash or checks, your choice.

Does the company only offer its services to the San Antonio, TX area?

No, our cleaners also work in the following areas:

  • Seguin TX;

  • San Antonio TX

  • And the surrounding areas.

Call now to ask if your area comes under our purview.

Does the company only work with residential customers?

Yes, commercial cleaning is not our specialty.

What services can the company offer me?

Please read the following list:

  • House Cleaning

  • Maid Service

  • Residential Cleaning Services

  • Bathroom Cleaning

  • Kitchen Cleaning

  • Dusting & Vacuuming

  • Regular Cleaning

If you have questions that we did not answer to your satisfaction and would like to discuss any of our services in further detail, call us at the number we have included in the conclusion of this article.

What are the opening hours of House Cleaning San Antonio?

We are available at the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Are appointments necessary?

Yes, more so with new clients. Before we take on a prospective customer, we walk them through how we operate and inspect the property they want us to clean. All of this does take time, so now you know why an appointment is essential.

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes, which means if you want to ring around and check our prices with other cleaning services in the vicinity, you can. And, if you speak to anyone who wants to charge you, no matter how small, be wary, or, our advice, walk away.

Does the cleaning company have any up-to-date feedback from clients concerning the services provided?

Yes, we have. You will have noticed a tab marked testimonials; if you want further information on our residential cleaning company, click on this.

In summation, we hope you enjoyed reading about our company in this questions and answers article. If you have the confidence needed to proceed and would like to make an appointment with our house cleaning service, please do not hesitate to contact us today at this number (210) 695-0939 within our business hours to speak to one of our customer service advisors.